Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Increase Employee Productivity and Prevent Network Overloading with Auto Forward Tracking Software

As organizations become more agile, and hence responsive to changing dynamics of the market, their competitors, and consumer behavior, employee mobility has taken on greater significance. In exchange for greater mobility companies leave themselves open to more time-wasting practices during the work day. As the boss, to protect yourself and your business' bottom line you can employ the best free cell phone spy apps to monitoring what your employees are doing on their devices. This mobility is normally achieved by employing mobile environments, such as:
  • Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), where employees are allowed to use their personal smart devices to access the corporate network, or 
  • Corporately Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE), where the organization gives employees the devices with pre-installed access to the network

Though both frameworks increase employee mobility, significantly enhance collaboration between teams, and are meant to increase productivity, they can easily be misused — exacting additional costs, and compromising business critical data and intellectual property.

Misusing Organizational Resources

Employees often use their devices to access the corporate network (and hence the internet bandwidth) for their own use. Furthermore, given that employees can access the network from anywhere on the planet, they are known to move outside of office premises. This taxes the resources of the organization as well as hampers the focus and productivity of the human resource.

Plus, organizations lacked robust ways of tracking misuse — till the advent of android and iPhone spy software like Auto Forward. This kind of worry free cell phone spy software download allows you to track employees with ease and dependability. 

Importance of Tracking and Monitoring Online Activity

Organizational mobilization has made it easier for employees to easily prioritize work and personal life, scheduling responsibilities and sifting from being an employee to being a parent or a spouse/caretaker with ease. At times, this requires that the same device that was being used for office work may be used for completing personal tasks (sending emails, texting, chatting, surfing the net, etc.).

However, employees are also known to waste time interacting with colleagues and friends on social networking websites and surfing the internet for no real reason. Excessive and non-productive use of organizational resources translates into additional costs for the organization, and must be monitored and dealt with. Autoforward is designed to operate on all cell phone manufacturers, and is able to easily access and regularly store log files for text, multimedia, and other activities on the internet. 

This allows the employers to profile unacceptable behavior and create policies to guide employee behavior and decisions in case of violations. Auto Forward is an effective cell phone text spy that allows employers to log all online activities, ranging from social media, alternative messaging apps, and internet surfing history. It allows the employers to check and monitor how employees are using their organizational resources (their time and the network) on a day-to-day basis.

This is crucial for setting up meetings with the employees when their online activity starts affecting their work, is unacceptable under HR policies (perhaps online harassment, or misuse of resources such as downloading digital content, etc.) or becomes a security threat (divulging or compromising business critical data). The logged information proves essential for leading investigations and preventing any litigation. 

In Conclusion, Keeping Employees Productive

Auto Forward allows you to track all forms of online activity performed on the employee’s smart device (mobile, tablet, etc.). It offers a holistic Android and iPhone Spy software solution. 

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