Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How to Increase Business Productivity with Auto Forward – Features, Benefits and More

Do you know that at least 64% of your employees waste their work time to some extent by visiting non-work related websites, according to salary.com survey? The modern organizational system is established on the pillars of facilitating the employees in order to improve productivity.

Easy access to internet, flexible working hours, employee health security and other such terms have made workplaces quite informal institutions. Monitoring the caliber of productivity of each employee with Android or iPhone Spy software can help you obtain a collective positive impact on your business. Spy devices for cell phones are not gadgets of the future, they’re a very necessary need today.

Tracking and Monitoring Social Media Logs

According to the survey report by salary.com, almost 41% of the employees waste time on social networking sites, specifically Facebook. Auto Forward is effective Android and iPhone spy software that operates for all cell phone manufacturers. It allows you to track and monitor the social media activities by seeping into the log in information, conversations, pictures and other employee information and activities on the social media.

Camera Tracking

It is the dream of every business owner or runner to keep monitoring the real-time activities of employees. CCTV cameras are not only used for security purposes but also for monitoring the employee’s input in company’s success. Auto Forward has further customized the employee monitoring. With the software, you can spy on the suspected employees and use their own cell phone’s camera to track their real-time activities. The camera control function of Auto Forward also allows you to capture screen shots and images of the employee which can be used as proof later during interrogations.

Text Messages, Email and History Tracking

With Auto Forward cell phone spying software, you can track all the text messages sent or received from the employee’s cell phone, track emails, and review complete history including the removed URLs and data. Employees who waste more time sending text messages or surfing on the internet on their cell phones can be engaged into other jobs without letting them know about the spy software.

Improve Business Environment

Office harassment and blackmailing cases are very common these days. People who are blackmailed are also reluctant to reveal proofs for their personal security. The productivity level automatically goes below the belt in unhealthy office environment. For improving your business productivity and establishing a healthy office environment, it is the right of every business to keep a track of employee activities and communication lines between two or more employees. This is where Auto Forward comes to help you.

Brief Introduction to Auto Forward

Auto Forward is a cell phone spy software for Android or iPhone which is easy-to-use and control. Simply download the software, install, and start monitoring your target devices. The software penetrates into the information on target device and shows the information on some other device including monitor, laptop, tablet, or cell phone. The remote information control allows the users to gain access to even the deleted or removed data including websites, history, pictures, videos, text messages, and emails.

Auto Forward can be ideally used for increasing business productivity and monitoring suspected relations. However it is important for the users to maintain the difference between monitoring and over-stepping the individual’s privacy.

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