Wednesday, July 20, 2016

When My Kids Traveled Across the Country

My ex-wife and her new husband live across the country. And while we’ve never had a problem shuttling our kids off across the country for our custody situation, this year was a little different. My kids decided that instead of us all driving to California to stay with their mom for the summer that they wanted to fly on their own.

Now my kids aren’t really young anymore. My oldest is fourteen, my youngest is ten. I know my kids are mature and capable of traveling on their own. But as my ex-wife and I both know very well, things can still happen. So we made the decision to install a spy on cell phone calls monitoring software on their phone. And boy is we glad we did. Cell phone monitoring software lets us have a peace of mind that we never thought we’d have again as our kids started traveling on their own.

You could always get a spy on cell phone free trial, but here’s why a cell phone monitoring software with a one-time subscription is every parents’ ideal tool when their kids start traveling on their own.

Keeping Tabs

So my kids decided to fly to California. While it was a direct flight from Maine to California, my ex-wife and I still worried about how safe our kids would be as they navigated the airport, flew across the country and navigated to her place.

We installed cell phone monitoring software, setting up a joint account so we could monitor our kids. And the nice thing about cell phone monitoring software is that you can use it all the time. As our kids get older, we can use cell phone monitoring software to make sure our kids are able to navigate their teenaged years safely. We can see texts, social media messages, and more. And while we can see what our kids are doing with their phones, cell phone monitoring software lets us allow our kids to be a little more independent without letting go of the reins completely.

Installing a spy on any cell phone free software download with the one-time subscription was, by the way, very simple. And my ex and I aren’t really tech savvy people at all. But it was a painless process. The only thing I had to do? Jailbreak my kids’ iPhones.

Traveling Safely

And I’m happy to say that my kids had a great time with their mom. Cell phone monitoring software made their trip a lot less stressful for my ex-wife and I. We could see my kids’ GPS location if needed. And as well as being able to see that information first hand, we could check on texts and social media messages just in case we had cause for concern about some of the new friends they made in Sacramento.

Their mom felt safe letting our kids go out on the town on their own (although she never let them go too far). Being able to make sure they were safe at all times was a huge relief. Sacramento, let it be said, isn’t always the safest town. But cell phone monitoring software definitely puts our minds at ease.

I’m so glad we discovered cell phone monitoring software. As our kids get older and start traveling more, I know we’ll have an easy way to keep track of them just in case and keep them safe.

Their mom and I are a lot more calmer about the fact that our kids are getting older and testing boundaries. Because now that our kids have cell phone monitoring software handy, they’re never truly alone. Whether they’re in Maine or California or somewhere in-between, monitoring software is the key to keeping our kids safe no matter what. 

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