Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Top 3 Cell Phone Spy Apps With The Best Remote Lock Feature

Every parent will tell you that they wish their kids take more time studying as opposed to participating in activities that can harm them. If kids study more, they can start their careers early and become important people in future. However, technology has made it easy for kids to access a lot of information. When they hold their phones on hand, they visit all sorts of pages and share information with strangers that can become a great threat to them. However, you can encourage them to participate in useful activities by locking some or all phone features. This is a comprehensive review of remote lock feature for top 4 spy products for cell phones and iPads.

#1: SurePoint Spy
SurePoint Spy went to great lengths in designing this feature. They wanted to ensure that the parent got complete control of the kid’s phones so that children can concentrate on more important activities. If it is time to study, you can lock the browser, messaging system, and all calls from the phone to help the kid concentrate. If your kid wants to keep texting during sleeping hours, you can block all application without switching the phone with this spy program for cell phones. With SurePoint Spy, you can select the numbers to block and leave a few and emergency line operational. Therefore, the child can still reach you in case she needs assistance.  

The app proved to be very reliable and comes with other features for geo-fencing, e-text monitoring, call logs access, and GPS on Demand. The app is also easy to install, understand, and use. If the user gets a problem or issue with the phone, their support is very professional. You can use live chats, telephone support, or email assistance.

#2: iKeyMonitor
iKeymonitor provides complete control of the child’s phone so that you can monitor and take control without feeling paranoid. It allows the user to access all applications in the kid’s phone and stop every harmful activity. The parent gets complete access to the browsing history, chat activities, and messages that the child sends to friends. If the child takes a lot of time browsing even during important events, you can turn them off completely. You can use the app to get passwords to social media accounts and other websites accounts she/he might be a part. However, this app is very heavy and often slows down the child's phone. 

#3: Highster Mobile
Highster Mobile is a great option for parents whose children are getting too much distracted by their mobile phones. The control dashboard is lovely and makes it easy to access all the kid’s phone applications with just a click. If you are going to church, participating in a memorial, or another event that requires concentration, turn all the texting, calling, and browsing features on the kid's phone. Even if you are away from home, you can still turn the phone off during study and sleeping time remotely.

The spy phones for cell phones spying is capable of doing more than block a kid's phone. You can use it to geo-fence the child, get live shots, monitor messages, and online activity, and follow calls logs. The main downside of Highster Mobile is that it only works perfectly on iPhones and iPads.

Being able to remote lock features in your child’s phone is important for helping them to concentrate on what is more important at different times of the day. SurePoint Spy remote lock turned out to be the best because of its ease of use and versatility. The app was also enthralling because of multiple application and a security guarantee for spy accounts and information in them.   


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