Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How GPS On Command Operates in Auto Forward Spy To Keep Your Kid Safe

Ever thought about what your kid does or where he/she goes after leaving home with friends on a weekend? While many kids will indicate they are simply going to the movies, party in the neighborhood or even school, you will be surprised to find them in different places. This is what can risk their lives and even damage your reputation. Auto Forward Spy is a unique feature that allows you to spy through cell phone camera, and works wonders to make you know where a kid is at all times. Here is an account of how GPS on Command operates to keep your child safe.

Get kid’s location at all times
GPS on Command utilizes the latest geo-positioning technology to pinpoint the location of your child with precision. It relies on direct satellite and signal triangulation to tell the location of the phone so that the kid will never lie where he/she is. Therefore, you are sure of knowing whether the kid is at the said party location or has moved away. This helps the parent in three ways;
·         Understanding whether the child has become a liar.
·         Know where else the child is visiting.
·         In the case of abduction, recovering a kid is simple and fast.

Taking control of the phone camera
The GPS on Command does not stop at pointing the location; it allows the parent to take control of the kid’s phone cameras. The parent can command the phone to take photos of the location without the kid knowing about it. This makes it easy to bring out a discussion and convince the kid that you understand everything that happened. If the kid was in a club or company of bad people, they would be captured in the photos.

Geo-fence the kid
GPS on Command feature on Auto Forward Spy has won even greater praise from users because of geo-fencing capabilities. Here, the parent uses the feature to set the areas that are safe for the kid to visit and designate others as forbidden. For example, if the teenager is leaving for school, the compound will be designated as allowed area and others marked as forbidden. You can also do the same with home areas, safe neighborhoods, and church.
If the kid visits a forbidden area, the parent gets instant alerts with the spy stuff for cell phones so that he can establish what is happening. This is very important because you can contain the child in safer areas and keep him/her free from trouble. If you find that the kid is moving to a specific forbidden area, make sure to understand why and clear all the incentives. For example, the main attraction to visit pubs and drug selling points is peer pressure.

Adjust the GPS reporting frequency
GPS reporting is usually set to check and give the location of target in every 15 minutes. However, you can adjust the default time on Auto Forward Spy dashboard so that it tells you the location of your kid in every 10 minutes or less. This is important to be able to follow the movements of the kid especially when moving rapidly. If you want to map the movement, it is also possible so that you can have a more candid discussion with the child.


GPS on Command is one unique technology that gives the user full control of the kid’s cell phone. You are able to pinpoint the location, take images remotely and even activate microphone to get background noises. With Auto Forward Spy, tracking and keeping your child safe can only get better as GPS on Demand, direct alerts, and spy programs for cell phones keep improving. 

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