Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What to Look Out for When Looking for a Good Cell Phone Spy Application

In case you want to download a cell phone monitoring application, there are some things that you should consider. Depending on your reason for tracking the cell of your child, you would want to get a good spyware that keeps track of your child’s movement as well as the communication your child is having with other people. Learn how these spywares work. You need to look at the features of that application so as to know what it can or cannot do so you know how to spy on cell phone.

Common features of cell phone spyware

GPS tracker
One of the reasons why parents decide to use cell phone spy applications is to be able to know where their children are at a particular time. What is the use of getting a cell phone tracker if it cannot allow you to view your child’s location? That is why you have to ensure that this feature is present in the application. A good GPS tracker should be able to show the current or previous location. You should be able to tell where your child was the previous night, two days ago and so on, even if it has been deleted.

Call logs
Cell phone spy applications enable you to have a look at all incoming calls and outgoing calls. You cannot control your child’s phone, but you will be able to know who he/she is talking to. It is important as you may be able to note any red flags especially when your child receives calls from unknown persons or people that are threatening him/her.

Nowadays, it is possible to know all the activities done on an android device, ipad or an iphone, thanks to advancements in technology. This monitoring feature allows you to record any message that is sent or received.

Browser history
You cannot trust your children 100%. There is so much in the internet and maybe your child is visiting some wrong sites for an underage child. For instance, a child may become interested in watching porn. If this is not stopped, this behavior can become addictive. How can you know about this if you do not track your child’s phone? Some teens go to the extent of lying about themselves in some adult sites. Some look for dating partners.  All these can have a negative impact on your child if the matter is not looked into. Get a good spyware that has this feature so that you can have an idea of what your child does while online.

SMS Text Messages
This feature too can help you know how to spy on cell phone without installing software to see what your child is up to. It enables you to view all the messages logged to your child’s phone. This is important since you cannot trust that all the messages that your child receives are safe. What if there are some indecent pictures? What if your child is being bullied? Anything can go wrong. Ensure that our child is protected by making good use of this feature.

Control panel
Ensure that the live control panel enables you to get whichever detail you need on your child’s phone. Other setting that you could use include, display options, time triggers and advanced settings for logs.
Multimedia files.

It makes it possible for you to access all the videos, audios, and pictures in your child’s phone. Take note of all the pictures or videos sent or received on that phone.

You can view all the emails that your child receives or sends to other people. What are they about? Is there anything that raises an alarm?

All the above mentioned features make cell phone tracking an efficient way to learn how to spy on cell phone free of any worry that it'll be a waste of time.

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