Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ideas on What to do with Your Old iPhone

Are you looking for inventive ideas on what to do with your old iPhone? There are many ideas you can do when it comes to doing something meaningful with your device. Instead of simply throwing it away where it can land up in a landfill, check out what other people are doing with their old iPhones. There are blogs and tech websites offering all kinds of insight on what users are doing. Someone are typical options while others are unique and different. If you are not able to get money for your old device there are other things to think about. Here is a list of ideas to get you started on thinking about what to do with your old iPhone.

  1. Sell it. This is likely one of the most common actions people do when they want to get rid of a device they feel has value. If you can find the right buyer it could be a win-win for the buyer and seller. You can ask people you know if they are interest in buying an iPhone. You can post it online through an online auction website. Be cautious as to how you share information about your iPhone especially when responding to inquiries from interested buyers.
  2. Donate it. There are non-profit organizations that collect used cell phones to give to those less fortunate. You may have a local organization that does this or you can go online and research organizations that collect them. Be sure to check out their background and history. You may be able to claim it as a tax deduction if the phone has value. 
  3. Recycle it. Apple has a recycle program called Apple Renew. The company collects all kinds of Apple devices including iPhones and recycles the parts. They remove parts that pose a danger to the environment and reuse other parts to create other products. The program offers payment for iPhones in the form of an Apple gift card. If your device is in good condition you could get up to $300.00.
  4. Turn it into a remote control. Users with Apple TV can turn their iPhone into a remote control.  There is an app in the Apple Store that helps users convert their old device into a remote. Users can set programs to record and check listings for upcoming programs.
  5. Security camera or baby monitor.  When using the appropriate iPhone tracking software and connected to Wi-Fi, the iPhone can be used as a monitor for safety reasons or as a baby monitor. You can view surroundings at home and read text messages from another phone at any time as long as the device has a Wi-Fi connection. This kind of mobile stealth spy can help you keep track of your kid no matter how old they are.
  6. Desk or nightstand clock. Users can download the clock app and use for weather or news updates when waking up. There are different apps that offer variations on how to use the clock and get news updates. The device can be used as an alarm clock to wake up in the morning.
  7. Kid’s toy. This option is a no brainer for parents that may not be ready to let their child have a new device. When you backup device and do a factory reset, restrict access and find apps suitable for kids to download it can be a device they can call their own. Parents should be mindful of their child’s abilities. There are parental controls that can be set to ensure children don’t access inappropriate material when web browsing. Giving kids an old device gives parents insight on how well their child can be responsible.

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