Friday, May 6, 2016

How to Find Out your Child is Addicted to the Internet

Internet addiction may sound more like an adult problem, but more teens are becoming victims with many parents completely unaware of the issue. There are a few things to look out for when considering your teen’s cell phone habits. It comes down to learning what they are doing on their devices and what parents can do to stop or limit such activity. For teens this can be extreme. Teens are known to become insomniacs, fall behind on priorities, and even lose touch or get confused with what reality is. Sometimes addiction can lead to questionable behavior parents need to take action especially before things get worse. Here are a few things to look out for when reviewing concerns about internet addiction with your teen. Parents concerned their teen may be addicted to the internet should consult with their family physician and about learning how to spy on a cell phone remotely.

Playing Too Many Games?
Teens like to play games online and many parents get that. But, there is a line between playing casually for fun and playing too much all of the time. Parents may want to pay attention to their child’s internet habits.  If they are playing certain games online or through an app at odd times during the day, the child could be hooked. Consider other situations such as trying to have a conversation with them or check and see if they are getting tasks done in a timely manner.

Using Smartphone Late at Night?
After bedtime many teens like to use their device. Parents may actually be aware of this and may not think too much of it. But, if this continues into a habit or parents notice their child is up late night after night this could be a pattern getting harder to break. Teens can be doing anything at this hour from chatting with friends, strangers or listening to music and watching videos. Parents can use spyware for cell phones for how to spy on a cell phone free of contact to track late night activity to draw a more detailed conclusion.

Lack People Skills?
Do you notice your teen seems a bit quiet or they don’t want to talk much when around other people, especially people they know? This could be an addiction to the internet sinking in. Parents may notice their child is preoccupied with their device when people are around or when someone is trying to talk to them.  There are teens that may choose not to talk to people on the phone and instead insist sending text messages, emails, and use chat messenger instead.

Priorities No Longer Priority
Do you notice your teen is not getting things done? Do they have chores they fell behind with or are they failing to get homework assignments done? Parents may notice their child is using their cell phone at times the child should be doing something else. When you start to notice things are not getting done it could be linked to using a cell phone too often or simply getting on the internet all the time.

Use Spyware to Learn Browsing Habits
Parents can get an exact idea of what their child is doing online when monitoring their cell phone. With spyware it is easy to view internet browsing history and get a record of when the internet was accessed.  Parents can use this information to help understand how often their child uses the internet. This could be a problem when finding a large amount of inappropriate content. Meaning, the teen would have a bit of explaining to do. In short, parents can take their findings to their family physician when reviewing concerns.

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