Monday, December 28, 2015

Talk to your child about internet and phone safety

Well, we all know that the internet is not a safe place for teens and children to be exploring. There are many great ways to keep your kids safe from those scary predators and personal information getting leaked. The best way to monitor what your children are doing and making sure they are not setting themselves up for disaster would be Parental monitoring software. A parental monitoring software like Auto Forward spy software will monitor your child’s cell phone or any other smart computer or tablet. You will be able to monitor the target device secretively, only on your phone. There are GPS tracking features as well as spy through cell phone camera to see where the target device is at the current time.  This is a great way to keep your family safe and your kids out of harm and trouble. 

The main issue with inappropriate cell phone and internet use of children is that the children may not realize that they are doing anything wrong at first. Most parents do not know how to approach their children about these things without the child getting mad or not listening. There are many tips for parents to further monitor their children’s safety after purchasing the monitoring software. 

Tips for Parents

It is important for you to be open with your children and begin conversations about internet safety as soon as you allow your kids to be on the internet. On top of always talking to your children about being safe, you should keep the computer your child is using in a central place in your house. If children know that their parents can walk in and watch them at any time, then they will be less likely to do something that they should not be doing. 

Watch over your children’s social media by possibly making accounts of your own and following their accounts. Obviously if they do not allow you to follow them or give you a hard time about making an account, they may be hiding some things. Make sure that their accounts are not set to public. 

What to post on social media

NEVER post personal information on your social media pages. That just sets you and your family up for danger. It is not safe to post social security numbers, telephone numbers or any address online. That makes it very easy for scammers or thieves to find you and access your personal accounts. Never post your current location and make sure your children don’t either. It is dangerous for just about anyone on the internet to know your exact location at all times. 

Password Sharing

Make sure your children are not sharing their passwords with anyone other than parents. This sets up anyone for sticky situations. Anyone with the password can access the social media accounts which makes them able to post anything they would like. Your children could possibly think it is safe to share their accounts with their significant other, but if something in the relationship goes wrong, knowing the social media account of the other person is an easy way to get revenge and post whatever they would like on it. It is also a good idea to change passwords frequently in case someone has figured it out. 

Not everyone who is online is who they say they actually are. It is very easy to make fake profiles and pretend to be someone a person is not. Make sure to report anything suspicious or inappropriate for the internet.

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