Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Instagram- keep your family safe

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What Is it?

Instagram is an online mobile photo/video sharing service that allows its users to take pictures or upload them and share them on all different social networking platforms. This service allows you to be in contact with any other users.

Typically, Instagram is mainly targeted by young adults and teenagers. As this might be fun for teenagers to post pictures of themselves, their friends, family or things they like, it could also be dangerous. People can comment on the photo that has been posted and they can also like it. There is new form on contact that have been recently updated that allow a person to directly message you.

Is it safe or dangerous?

Most of these teenager’s parents are not aware of the dangers that Instagram users may bring. There could be people on Instagram that are up to no good. Considering the fact that any child is able to post personal information for anyone to see, makes this app for smartphones unsafe. Parents should be monitoring forms of social media like this in order to ensure the safety of their family. Teenagers are just doing what other kids are doing around them but that doesn’t make it the right choice.
One of the more questionably dangerous aspects of the Instagram App is that you can post your current location when you upload a new picture or video. This is asking for un-safe interaction. Basically, anyone that followed your Instagram account has access to the exact location you are at.

How can you solve the problem?

It is hard for an application like this to truly keep all people safe but make people happy at the same time. If people were careful with the things they say on social media and the way they post their current locations, it wouldn’t be an issue. Because most teenagers are careless about their safety, it would be a great idea for parents to download monitoring software to their children’s phones in order to keep their families safe. There are awesome features to these programs such as recovering old and deleted text messages and voicemail, spy camera cell phone features that allow you to see where the person is through the phones camera and even social media monitoring. The parent who is monitoring the target phone would have access to everything on that device. This is great for parents because they are able to monitor who talks to their children and when. They can see if there are any threatening people trying to contact their kid without the kids even knowing.

This software does not show up on the target phone which means that parents can keep it a secret that they are monitoring their kids. This way, their children won’t get frustrated with them and make it seem like they don’t trust their kid. Most of the time, the parents trust their children but it’s the other strangers that are on the social media as well that the parents do not trust. 

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